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Who We Are

HERcules Ministry aims to empower the fierce and the feminine inside every woman. Hercules, a name long associated with mythology’s strongest man, is now redefined to represent the fullness of strength and beauty God graces women with the capacity to contain. HERcules Ministry believes that women do not have to compromise their femininity to be fierce. Comparable to the mountain lion who is capable of great power and gentle purrs, women are divinely equipped to possess both grace and grit. 

Our Core Values

Meet the Founder

For as long as I can remember, I have been almost magnetically drawn to themes of strength and power in cinema and literature. From my love of movie series like The Lord of the Rings to my voracious reading about topics such as wars and history, I have consistently felt pulled toward the idea of warriors and strength.​


In my mind, I was created to be a warrior, a girl with grit.


During my time in Nottingham, England, God taught me that all women are graced and anointed to carry fierceness and femininity. Like the mountain lion, a big cat that is still capable of purring, I believe God has equipped and empowered females to be fully women and fully warriors. We do not have to compromise one aspect of who we are to embrace the other. Having lived all my life under the freedom and security of this truth, I recently felt God release me to write the lessons He has graciously taught me on the battlefields of life.​


I do not claim to have all the answers, and as a woman in my late-20s, I still have a lot of learning to do. However, I do believe that God desires to impart to His daughters the revelation that we possess what it takes to be beautifully strong and bravely surrendered. We as women are divinely designed with the capacity to contain all of who we are as her and HERcules.

HERcules Ministry aims to empower the fierce and the feminine inside every
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The Content​​

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